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Managing your online presence is undoubtedly extremely important, particularly in the contemporary climate. Whether you are running your own business, seeking work as a freelancer or in conventional employment, the way you and your reputation appear online will almost certainly be central to whether or not you are successful.

Thus, cultivating an impressive online presence is absolutely critical for anyone who wants to achieve their career or business goals. Yet, existing platforms and systems for reviewing businesses and those working within the corporate world are still lacking in some critical areas of functionality.

Yelp Help

Take Yelp, for example. This site provides an invaluable reference tool for businesses across the globeby enabling users to review companies. This is undoubtedly worthwhile, yet what about the people behind the business?

It is this public face of companies that often dictates the customer experience for the majority of users. Yet the reviewing of businesses still revolves around something of a faceless appraisal of the company as a whole. We don’t really learn about the people behind the scenes who really make a business tick.

Complete Philosophy

This is where comes in. Our philosophy is to review all people in the business world, and really give customers an insight into the people on the shop floor. All companies are reliant on people on the front line, yet this critical aspect of everyday commerce is often ignored, even by the sophisticated appraisal systems contained within the contemporary World Wide Web.

There are two advantages of the system that we’re building here at Firstly, by enabling users of companies to review the people that run those businesses, other consumers gain a much more detailed and representative impression of how the companies actually operate.

Secondly, this revolutionary reputation site provides individual workers with the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder, or at least attract the attention of other businesses. Everyone has been in the position of feeling like an unvalued, or at least undervalued, worker. Well, the ethos of is simply to eliminate this feeling. We want workers to be empowered, and believe that doing a good job will be truly appreciated and open up new opportunities.

Market Gap

This seems like such a fundamental part of modern business that it would seem inevitable that some Internet site would already be doing this. Yet,the focus with modern internet review sites seems to be on reviewing the business, rather than understanding and acknowledging the important people behind it. These are really the stars of any company, and the people who make it operate on a daily basis.

However, Yelp completely focuses on the business itself and LinkedIn does a poor job at rating people within the business world, while Glassdoor is emphatically focused on the upper echelons of the companies. While it is interesting and to some degree valuable to be able to review CEOs, such elevated individuals are often completely unaware of what is actually happening on the factory floor.

This is where will revolutionize business feedback, by enabling everyone working within companies to build up public profiles. This data will be valuable to three key stakeholders —the customer, the business and the worker.

Customer, Business, Worker

The customer will benefit by gaining a more detailed and personalized impression of a particular business, enabling them to make an informed decision about where or whether to spend their money. We’re all feeling the pinch in these austere times, so spending our hard-earned dollars wisely is usually high on most people’s list of priorities. Completed.comwill quite simply make it easier to do this effectively.

Workers will benefit, as this new and exciting system will empower them within the workplace. Here at, we don’t want a single hard-working, skilled and conscientious employee to be taken for granted. The feedback system we have created will ensure that every worker can get the feedback they deserve and use it as a bargaining chip in advancing their careers.

Businesses will also benefit, as they will acquire a raft of extremely useful data. It can be very difficult to appraise the performance of employees, so will become a major asset in the corporate world. The site will enable businesses to gain a real window into the performance of their staff members, empowering them with a true feedback loop via the sophisticated business rating system.


Working Culture

The system is also detailed enough to ensure that both employees and employers will gain more than simply an impression of good performance. We fully understand that businesses build up a certain working culture, and this is why we include cultural fit matching within our innovative platform.

Not only is there the opportunity to receive peer reviews, but we also offer space to showcase skillsets and working experiences, while gaining recognition for completing business goals. Our intention with is to ensure that both businesses and workers can gain true recognition for what they deliver on a daily basis, and communicate to customers their key values and assets.

Constructive Feedback

We are also aware that internet feedback can be extremely harsh at times, which is why we’ve put stringent policies and procedures in place to prevent cyber bullying. Any reviews that we deem as harassing, threatening, embarrassingor targeting will not be posted. The overall policy of is to allow only constructive feedback for people to improve in business.

By sharing experiences with people across the business world, it is possible for workers to truly brand themselves, and for their career progression to soar. If you’re a worker, wouldn’t you like to be paid what you’re worth, get the working conditions you deserve and love your working life? If you’re a business manager, wouldn’t you benefit from truly understanding your employees and what they are producing for you?

Almost everyone will answer yes to these questions, so check out today, and start to plot your career and business future.


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