Are You a 1 Star or 5 Star Employee? – Yelp for People is Coming


The phrase ‘Yelp for People’ is likely to trigger a memory of a particular Black Mirror episode or the ill-fated Peeple app from a few years ago. But, there is an argument that the current digital landscape is becoming equally as creepy with an online corporate version of the Stepford Wives where every LinkedIn profile looks flawless.

A search through your LinkedIn connections reveals many similarities and buzzwords as everyone showcases their personal highlight reel or idealistic version of themselves. Meanwhile, you can ask strangers to endorse your skills or leave recommendations on the understanding that you will do the same for them in the name of reciprocity.

The cost of a bad hire is already well documented, but how much of these costly mistakes were caused by a system that encourages the stretching of the truth on your résumé and LinkedIn profile? If 85 percent of job applicants really do lie on their CV and have downloaded all the best answers to interview questions from the internet, should we be surprised at the inevitable outcome?

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Once again, it’s easy to become trapped inside self-made echo chambers. But, are there any winners obtaining real value from this current system? Anyone with a growth mindset will tell you that embracing constructive criticism and alternative views is incredibly valuable to those looking to improve themselves or what they do.

Ultimately, constructive feedback can create accountability, which is also influential for career development and hiring. Dare we explore a different way of doing things? Could a genuinely meritocratic society be the answer to reward professionals for good work and also get the feedback that they need to improve?

As an eternal optimist, I think we need to try something different to get the right people in the most suitable positions and maybe radical transparency is the answer. We are living in a digital age where we share everything including what we eat. Maybe, peer reviews and constructive feedback could help build trusted profiles that help users identify their strengths and address areas for improvement.

Since launching, Completed has been successful in removing some of the challenges that other rating-style companies encountered. Strict anti-cyberbullying guidelines have helped eradicate any attempt to harass, threaten, or deliberately embarrass a professional through targeted bad reviews.

There is also a feature that enables users to directly converse with users that have written a review about them. Having the ability to resolve feedback that could be deemed unfair is also an essential aspect of how Completed can be used as a tool to help you improve and grow as a person.

Over the years we have been conditioned to accept that a world where everyone exaggerates their skillset and only shows their best side is good for business. But, rating business professionals around you with open and honest feedback is creepy and weird. So, what is it that we are afraid of?

Completed Yelp For People

We all know someone with a distinct lack of self-awareness, rather than leave an individual blissfully unaware of how their actions are perceived, wouldn’t it be better to help them understand what they can change? But it’s not all about constructive criticism or feedback.

The Completed platform can also be used to showcase your experiences and achievements in the world of business. By opening up and shouting about your talents, you could also open the doors of opportunity for you and or your business.

As we continue through the digital transformation of everything, it seems we have also finally moved beyond the anxiety and fear aspects of any significant change curve. The scary stories of AI robots with red eyes taking over the world as we head towards dystopian future are beginning to be replaced by optimism.

Thankfully, we are also witnessing the demise of clickbait headlines that spread fear for clicks rather than educate. Technology is helping us progress forward and enhance our performance. As tech also continues to help tear down geographical borders, our world is becoming smaller and our work colleague could be located 10,000 miles away.

How we communicate and collaborate together as a global community will require each and every one of us to learn and adapt our new digital surroundings. For these reasons alone, it’s time to accept that the old way of doing things might no longer be fit for purpose.

Completed’s vision of a meritocracy, where the best performers finally get a chance to shine certainly feels like a step in the right direction.

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