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In January 2019, will be taking their vision of a meritocracy to another level by enabling the best performers to shine. The platform will feature over 20 million profiles with images and data to enable professionals to rate their experiences with people they meet in the world of business.

If you have ever wondered what would happen if you combined, LinkedIn, Yelp and GlassDoor, the answer is Completed. The platform has its sights on righting a few wrongs. There is an increasing number of websites and platforms that are beginning to charge for information about individuals that is already available online for free.

Many websites are merely collecting data on individuals and selling it on for the right price. was born out of the frustration of seeing more and more websites or apps charging users vast sums of money to access free information that is readily available online.

There appeared to be an entire ecosystem of paid for solutions that all support each other. For example websites such as WhitePages sell background reports on people. Meanwhile, others such as MugShots or RipOffReport appeared to be set up to charge again to remove mugshots or reports.

The catalyst emerged after noticing their newsfeeds and timelines began to be dominated by stories of both people and businesses being charged thousands of dollars to remove posts. There had to be a better way and an alternative solution that provided value to its users rather than trying to exploit them.

The team felt that many of these existing websites were akin to Google charging for searches on their search engine. Could you imagine that? The mission to remove these pain points once and for all and build an alternative solution quickly got underway.

The philosophy at was merely to create the most comprehensive profile of a person on the internet and provide this information for free. Why? They just believed in their heart of hearts that it was crucial to provide free access to information that already exists and remove the so-called “gatekeeper” sites from the equation.

However, there were another set of problems that quickly appeared too. We are all living in a digital age where anyone can call themselves an influencer. Equally, people with 83 followers on Instagram were calling themselves Instagram experts. How are we able to distinguish between an alleged expert, guru, thought leader or influencer and the real deal?

What if they could create a genuine meritocracy of transparency. Reviews where reciprocity or favoritism of any kind was outlawed. Little by little, Completed began to evolve into something that was not only valuable but could give the world of recruitment and career development a much-needed shake-up.

Influencer, thought leader, expert

It’s widely accepted that the constructive criticism of employee performance is crucial to the future growth of an employee. By embracing accountability and responsibility, it can enhance the development of an individual. But, it is a sensitive subject for many people that have gotten a little too used to self-appraisals.

Essentially, we have all become our own PR managers where we carefully project an image of how we wish to be perceived. The first casualty of this digital trend is self-awareness. If we only publish our curated brand and pre-approved LinkedIn endorsements, what value are we providing? Ironically, we could also be preventing our personal growth in the process. are making a brave step forward by trying something different by committing to truth and transparency. It’s true that there are keyboard warriors that are guilty of making many areas of the internet to feel incredibly toxic. But, that is not an excuse to carry on with the old way of doing things.

For these reasons alone, Completed has put in strict measures to prevent any cyberbullying, and the platform also prohibits harassment of any kind. Anyone that is reported for threatening any member of the community, trying to embarrass users or targeting them with bad reviews will be politely told to exit stage left.

However, there is also a feature where users can interact with their reviewers and ask questions or resolve any feedback concerns. Ultimately, Completed was built on the belief that people should be rewarded for good work and have a chance to get constructive feedback to improve themselves.

Whatever your opinion, most people can agree that the current system does not work. Whether it be telling white lies on your resume, endorsing a stranger for skills on LinkedIn in the name of reciprocity, or calling yourself an influencer. Something needs to change.

How we behave offline and online is building a picture of who we really are and maybe its time to bravely step outside of our echo chambers and accept that every one of us is on a journey of continuous improvement. And this is something that we should celebrate rather than fear.

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