The Best Places To Review Businesses And Their Employees


Expressing ourselves is critical to our psyche in many ways, and if we’ve had a good or bad experience somewhere or with someone, we often feel as if it’s our duty to share that information with the world. In most cases, it’s a valuable tool, where the incredible local dentist ends up seeing a boost in business because so many people gave their practice positive feedback, or the crooked car repair shop finally gets held accountable for ripping people off.

The concept of writing reviews has become so commonplace in today’s modern age, but one has to wonder if the location of said review makes a difference. Between Yelp and Google, ZocDoc and Ripoff Report, how do you know where your words will have the most impact? It depends on whether you’re giving feedback to a business as a whole or an individual person.


An Overall Viewpoint

Sometimes we end up being repeat customers at a certain establishment or a chain of stores, and whether it’s intentional or not, our experiences end up cultivating an opinion about the business. The great service you received from a range of employees may be summarized in a single online review, but when you sit down at your computer it can be tough to determine which platform to use.

While Yelp and Google are often the more popular choices, we’ve all heard about and seen time and time again the fake reviews that pop up. When it seems as if these systems are not very safeguarded, does your input even matter? Both raving reviews and complaints are actually best fielded by the Better Business Bureau.

A great place for leaving detailed information along with a review that ranges from A+ to F, the team behind the scenes works hard to vet every review that’s submitted. Additionally, a negative review doesn’t automatically impact a business like other sites tend to do, as the BBB will investigate the situation and take into consideration the response of the business in question.

Praising Individuals

Sometimes you want to go out of your way to share about an awesome experience you had with a particular salesperson. Other times a freelance agent really helped you out with providing quality work under a tight deadline. In some instances, a specific situation warranted that you give constructive criticism to one individual, but you may not want to tarnish the company’s online reputation as a whole.

When so much of how we interact with others is based on word of mouth, it’s important to be able to single out people, for better or worse, and offer them the real-time data about your interaction. That’s where comes in, with a streamlined system that allows for online reviews of individual professionals.

Let’s face it – very rarely does someone stay at the same place of employment during their entire career. Whether you’re dealing with a college student who has had a string of part-time jobs or an independent contractor who’s trying to build their reputation and portfolio of business, it’s not always appropriate to leave a personal review on a company site. By using, your feedback can stick with someone for years to come and may be the thing that helps them land a new client or get a promotion.

Keep in mind that no matter what platform you use, it’s important to word your reviews very carefully. Of course, positive feedback can be as verbose as you desire, but negative statements can be damaging, especially since anything that’s published on the internet never really goes away. If you know someone who deserves a load of praise, search for them and leave a review on today.

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