Yelp for Employees? Now Your CEO Can Review You Too


A few years ago, the concept of staying in a stranger’s spare room on the other side of the world felt like a terrifying prospect. But, in a world that had already embraced ratings and reviews for online purchases on eBay and Amazon, Airbnb quickly removed the fear of the unknown by enabling guests to review their Airbnb hosts.

Equally, the ability to rate your Uber driver suspended suspicions by enabling riders to leave reviews of their drivers and read ratings from previous passengers. To level the playing field, Uber wanted to avoid abusive passengers by enabling the Uber driver to rate the rider too. Under this meritocratic system, the best Uber drivers and riders are matched for rides, while those that receive too many negative reviews risk suspension of their Uber accounts.

Research suggests the average person reads around seven reviews before making a judgment based on what looks reliable and what doesn’t. An environment of verified purchases makes everyone accountable for their actions.

The professional review landscape is fragmented and highly untrusted. For example, if you require the professional services of an individual, a quick visit to their LinkedIn profile may reveal dozens of endorsements from complete strangers. Who are these endorsers?

What if someone previously had a bad experience with that individual, shouldn’t prospective employers see this? LinkedIn does not give you the ability to leave honest and truthful, negative feedback. It merely enables professionals to curate only positive reviews, which ultimately makes the LinkedIn profile untrustworthy.

Additionally, when we have a negative experience with a staff member in a company, a bad review on Yelp will only damage the reputation of the establishment, rather than hold the individual at fault accountable.

Claim Your Name On Completed – Manage Your Reviews

Glassdoor only allows you to review the CEO of a business, but what about the COO who runs the company on a day to day basis? Or the Sales Executives? What if we could rate all people in business, not just the CEO? What if employers could see the previous experiences people had with job candidates?, often referred to as Yelp for Employees, accomplishes just that. As the first standardized rating system for all people in business, does away with the need for reference checks by providing employers with access to prospective job candidates reviews from customers, colleagues, and management.

The platform is on a mission to level the playing field by empowering management and customers to review personnel. A two-way rating system discourages abusive employees from leaving vindictive reviews of CEOs on platforms such as Glassdoor in the same way Uber dissuades abusive riders from taking advantage of a unilateral ability to review drivers.

The professional landscape is built on meaningless endorsements. By contrast, is providing radical transparency in a way that a LinkedIn curated profile simply cannot. Employees can now seek a brave new journey in the workforce by stepping outside of their echo chambers to receive constructive feedback that will identify their strengths and weaknesses in the name of professional growth. has created a meritocracy in the workforce where now, for the first time, the best will shine brightly. Now employers will have the ability to differentiate between those that are “good interviewers” that ultimately disappoint and the humble whom are the secret lynchpins in organizations.

Eventually, personnel that continues to avoid feedback on Completed could be greeted with the same suspicion as an eBay user with zero reviews. It’s time for professionals across all industries to leave their negative online behaviors behind and accept the digital world of today where behavior carry social consequences. is creating accountability and professional responsibility in society for all people in the workforce the same way Yelp did for businesses. Imagine a community where top-rated professionals receive more opportunities, meritoriously.

Upwork has accomplished this with freelancers. Those freelancers that receive negative reviews have their livelihoods severely impacted, forcing them to improve their services or risk continued loss of economic opportunity.

But how would this work across all professions?

Try to envision the ability to rate everyone you meet both offline and online. From your boss and colleagues to the waiter at your local restaurant. Every interaction documented for the world to see. Many will instantly think of the Nosedive episode of the Black Mirror TV series or so-called “Yelp for People,” apps.

By learning from the mistakes of its predecessors, Completed closed the door on any potential misuses of the platform.  The Completed algorithms actively vet cyber-bullying and abusive reviews, ensuring that users receive professional feedback rather than personal sleights.  Users are also prevented from using the platform as a vanity tool, for instance, you cannot rate your neighbor or your ex-boyfriend in personal capacities.

Constructive criticism is the key ingredient to personal growth. Reviewers on Completed are encouraged to revisit their reviews after further encounters with professionals to leave a more positive review if they believe the user has improved. Once again, this enables employers to see real evidence of a contentious improvement mindset in prospective employees that may have previously received negative reviews.

Completed is also actively enabling employers to access a complete profile for potential employees. Rather than soulless lists of qualifications, exaggerated achievements and industry buzzwords, employers can view a more transparent overview of a candidate’s weaknesses as well as their strengths. Most importantly, constructive feedback highlights an employee’s ability to adapt and improve.

The concept of showcasing a comprehensive and authentic profile of who we really are in an age of digital filters feels like an antidote to a world of vanity and fakery. In our quest to find something real, it’s refreshing to see a platform that is bravely seeking to change the cosmetics of social interactions both on and off-line.

We all now reside in a world where many are obsessed with showcasing the best side of their personality online. But is our increasing sensitivity to any form of criticism actually preventing us from opening ourselves up to receiving the honest assessments that could help us grow as individuals?

If you were one of the first to recognize the benefits that transparent reviews on Airbnb and Uber provide, claiming your profile on profile may be your next logical destination.

Claim Your Name On Completed – Manage Your Reviews

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