Employees Can Now Rate Their Boss, Not Just The CEO



Unfortunately, it’s widely accepted that workers do not trust employee engagement surveys for a variety of reasons. Glassdoor aimed to solve the workplace transparency issue by providing employers with a platform to rate their CEO. The results of these reviews have enabled the platform to predictably produce the 100 Best Places to Work in 2019 lists.

Although Glassdoor provides a much needed more clear insight into the company culture, it is only scratching the surface. Glassdoor lets you rate the CEO but what about your direct boss?  Shouldn’t you be able to rate the manager you report to versus the CEO only (in many cases you might not even know the CEO)?  Many of the problems with an organization do not come from the person at the top, but with the middle-manager who is more concerned about escaping their career limbo than leading the people around them.

Completed.com was created to give all employees an opportunity to rate their boss and not just the CEO. Whether it be the sales director, CFO, CMO or anyone from the management team, it’s time to give everyone a voice and produce a more holistic view of the entire culture within a company.

The concept might initially sound daunting to those who are guilty of poor management.   The Completed meritocratic rating platform for management is precisely what the employment landscape needs to bring both accountability and transparency into the workplace.    Top management will receive positive ratings while poor performers will be held more accountable.

Reviews of working professionals are abundant with Avvo for lawyers, Zocdoc for doctors,  and Glassdoor for CEOs.  Additionally, the ability for Uber drivers and riders to review each other ensures that only the best Uber drivers and passengers are matched for rides.   This highlights just how a genuine meritocratic system can play a decisive role in our digital society.


Studies show that on average we read seven reviews before committing to purchase and leaving a review of our own.  Technology has empowered the global community and forced the world’s biggest companies to take the voice of their customers seriously.

However, the workplace, where people invest the most amount of their time, is often judged by an antiquated and  deeply flawed professional review system.  Just about everyone has their own story of how they were mistreated, intimidated, or forced to work long hours by an unsympathetic boss.  Alternatively many of us have had the opportunity to work for outstanding professionals in management that helped us along the way.   With Completed, the best in management shine.

On LinkedIn management of all levels and caliber carefully curate positive reviews.  Equally, strangers often endorse each other for skills despite having never worked together or even met.

That’s the greatest challenge with platforms such as LinkedIn…bad managers are acting as their personal PR department, by showcasing a highlight reel of how they would like to be perceived.  Until now there hasn’t been a way to provide honest and truthful feedback for management…rather managers hid behind their curated LinkedIn profiles or the CEO on Glassdoor.

Completed.com is leveling the playing field once and for all by empowering employees to review their direct boss, not just the CEO.

The Completed platform is the Glassdoor for all business professionals.  In the future we would hope, for instance, that if a customer has a negative experience with a staff member at a restaurant, should the establishment that receive a negative review on Yelp or should the individual at fault?   Maybe both.


Traditionally, professionals across all industries have not had to directly account for their negative behavior in the workplace.  There are still managers who believe they can manage unwanted staff or people they don’t like out of the business without the fear of social consequences. Completed.com is paving the way for a new era of accountability with its standardized rating system for all professionals in the workplace, not just the CEO.

The grand vision for Completed is to enable top management to shine while encouraging poor performers to improve their skillset on a new path of continuous learning.  Those in management that avoid the Completed platform will be treated with the same suspicion of an eBay user with zero feedback.

Anyone that attempts to game the system or attack other users in the Completed community will be prevented from doing so by the platform’s sophisticated algorithms that support the strict anti-cyberbullying policy.

By reviewing our direct managers and not just the CEO, positive reviews on Completed will reward top-rated professionals, so they receive more opportunities, meritoriously — not those that step on other people to selfishly further their career.

As we adapt to our digital surroundings, there is an increasing belief that we need to get back to being our authentic self on social media. Insta life is just an illusion and hiding behind filters, and highlight reels are stopping our personal growth. But, by thinking bigger, we can create both a new and better way forward.

Members of the global community are waking up to the fact that their biggest strengths can be unlocked by stepping outside of their echo chambers. Simply opening ourselves up to constructive feedback is the secret sauce that will enable us to grow as both professionals and human beings.

These are just a few reasons why reviews are an ongoing improvement process and not just a one-time deal. Completed reviewers are also encouraged to leave updated reviews after further interactions with a user if they feel they have improved their skills after taking comments on board.

By removing binary thinking from the equation, future employers can evaluate real evidence of personal growth. Completed also highlights how a user responds to criticism by listening and improving themselves rather than retreating into a personal echo chamber.

Anyone that has been faced with a pile of résumes and LinkedIn profiles that all contain the same buzzwords and exaggerated achievements will tell you that the current system is broken.  It’s time that we expand the professional rating system beyond the CEO and begin to review all management.

By reviewing our bosses and each other, we agree to bravely show our weaknesses as well as our strengths. In an age where professional must embrace a culture of lifelong learning to succeed, Completed.com is offering a way of learning from constructive feedback and show the world your ability to adapt and improve. So, what are you waiting for?

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