The Golden Rule Of Reviews


Amidst the wave of soul-crushing anguish and rage that is born in the moments just after your shiny new item broke, remember this sage advice as you pop some painkillers and construct your online review: the gentle seeds of authenticity will trump the demanding tones of rage. Tell your experience, tell your truth, and that message will ring true in the hearts of those that need to hear what lead to the breakdown.

Who knew online reviews could get so deep, right? In today’s day and age, people are quick to react and therefore may not always think things through before putting their favorite store, product, or person on blast publicly. If you’re willing to philosophize with us a bit further, let’s really dig into just how a negative review may be interpreted.


How Would You Feel?

Blaming and name-calling within the context of an online review is a bit like a bully on the bus. Everyone sees him but nobody is listening to what his perspective is. They know he doesn’t care about their best interests, but nonetheless, he’s difficult to ignore. For most of us, it’s not hard to remember a time when someone was once disapproving or scolded us for a mistake that we were responsible for. When we said the wrong thing or didn’t put our best foot forward, there was someone to let us know how wrong we were.

Here’s where the “Golden Rule” comes in – you remember, the saying that talks about treating others in the same manner that we wish to be treated in. Rather than being the bully who goes on a rampage to ensure that every person in the world knows how bad, wrong, misleading, or otherwise horrible a business or product is, try putting yourself in their position before posting anything online.

Your Ability To Influence The Future

Think back again to a time when you were corrected in a way that was blunter than you would’ve preferred. How you chose to respond to those critical pieces of feedback and how we let that feedback inform our decisions from that point on was one of the ways in which we improved upon our personal success rate in order to avoid being confronted with that type of uncomfortable feedback again. It’s this opportunity for growth that businesses can take advantage of through online reviews, no matter how forward they may be.

Instead of being a bully and shouting the loudest, there’s actually an amazing opportunity to provide important guidance to business owners, employees, product designers, and more as well as insights for potential customers. Not only will they get to learn what lead to your frustration so that they might avoid it completely in the future, but the differences you’ll have made in others lives will have been in the spirit of helping and not viewed as just another person yelling just to hear themselves yell. Maybe if we all used the “Golden Rule” a little more regularly online we’d come out in a better position when all is said and done.

Having been bitten by the writing bug at the young age of 6, Courtney gets to live her dream every day by creating content for a wide range of clients. When she’s not typing away at the computer, she loves spending time with her two sons in the Pacific NW.


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