The Long And Short Of Reviews – How Much Is Too Much?


Verbosity has a funny way of integrating into many of our everyday actions. Whether we’re explaining something to a friend and they’ve lost interest halfway through the story or we try to teach our children something before they get distracted, it’s crucial that we choose the words we use very carefully. Some of us are naturally concise and some tend to use lengthy, flowery language to get our point across – and both types are just fine depending on the context.

How does this play into the idea of online reviews? Think back to a time when someone was conversing with you and your interest level completely dropped because of how much they were saying. Now, the content they were delivering may not have been very important or engaging, thus attributing to your inattention, but there’s also a chance you tuned out and missed something completely relevant. That scenario is exactly what people need to keep in mind when crafting an online review.

Goldfish are said to have very short memories, and although we are far more evolved, humans aren’t doing so great with listening or retaining information either. Recent studies have reported that average attention spans have dropped down to 8 seconds, although experts are disputing that figure. Even if the number is slightly higher, keep in mind the ways in which we all prefer to digest information – in small doses.

Data from Source Global Research indicates that short, online articles are by far the most preferred method of obtaining information related to their career. Videos are next best, and longer pieces of text are way down the list. While a review about your most recent oil change certainly isn’t related to the professions of most, it’s still a relevant piece of data to keep in the back of your mind.


What Would You Prefer?

Aside from just the tone and language you opt for in an online review, it’s important to think about the length as well. No one really wants to read a complete narrative of your experience, and quite frankly they’ll probably scroll to the next review before even finishing yours. In most cases, it’s best to ask yourself what’s most appealing to you and then write accordingly.

If you’re into specifics, somewhere around 100 words or so is probably just enough to get your point across without losing the person on the other end. You’ll be able to highlight key information that could be useful for others while actually allowing someone to read your entire entry without feeling overwhelmed.

For those of you who made it to the end of this article, congratulations! Your attention span is likely higher than most, so keep in mind that short and sweet is often the way to go the next time you write an online review.


Having been bitten by the writing bug at the young age of 6, Courtney gets to live her dream every day by creating content for a wide range of clients. When she’s not typing away at the computer, she loves spending time with her two sons in the Pacific NW.


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