The 1, 2, 3 Of Reputation Management


Here at we emphasize just how much online reviews can contribute to your professional growth. By creating a profile on our platform, you can have your amazing track record follow you wherever you go, helping to build up your reputation as a freelancer, manager, or any other position on the career ladder.

As important as online feedback has become, it’s really only one portion of the entire reputation process. Don’t get us wrong, what is said about you in both a positive and negative light will play a role in your success, but there’s so much to it than that. In fact, some might say that online reviews are only ⅓ of your total online presence, so let’s explore the other 66.66%.


Content Is King

Have you heard that phrase before? You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to tap into the benefits of creating content, as this regular communication with your audience can help to establish your presence in your industry. Whether you use other platforms like LinkedIn to publish articles or you opt for using your own website’s blog to communicate with prospective customers, it’s something you cannot overlook.

In many ways, creating regular and valuable content can be a great way to offset any potential negative reviews you receive. Imagine if a brand new client came across your website and they decided to do some research before making a purchase. One or two less than perfect reviews could easily be overlooked with a slew of information that proves to this person that you’re an expert in your field and you value their time.

Getting Social

What’s the primary thing that someone would think if they came across a negative review that didn’t have a response from the business? “They don’t care” likely tops the list. While it sounds basic enough, the simple act of caring is enough to make or break your company and your reputation. By engaging with your customers on social media, you’re doing just the opposite of not caring.

The use of social platforms like Facebook or Instagram somewhat take a page from our aforementioned idea of content, but adds a new twist into the mix – you get to interact with your audience. Making sure to post regular content as well as responding to questions and comments will no doubt play a huge role in your overall online reputation.

If you don’t have a website or even a social media handle yet, this might all sound a little bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, you can take the idea of reputation management one step at a time and start by creating a profile at Ask your colleagues and customers to leave reviews for you, then work toward the other aspects as you see fit. In the end, at least some presence is better than none at all.

Having been bitten by the writing bug at the young age of 6, Courtney gets to live her dream every day by creating content for a wide range of clients. When she’s not typing away at the computer, she loves spending time with her two sons in the Pacific NW.


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