How to Drive Online Reviews as a B2B Brand 


B2B transactions tend to be expensive, complex, and long-term. Instead of selling to your run of the mill online consumer, you’ll be targeting savvy business owners. As such, your B2B customers will need to be reassured that your products/services can deliver as promised. 

This is the primary reason that online reviews should be the primary weapon in your arsenal as a B2B brand. That said, B2B buyers – being business owners themselves – are already savvy to all of the marketing techniques in your playbook.

Instead of using flowery copy to win them over, focus on gathering as many reviews as you can to build trust in your brand.  

Let’s look at three ways a B2B brand can drive online reviews. 

1) Email Campaigns 

Email campaigns are highly effective when it comes to driving reviews at scale. This method is effective because it requires a simple one-time setup. The rest of the process is automated, allowing you to dedicate your time to other aspects of your business. 

When you launch your campaigns, ask your customers if they’re satisfied with your service. Then, leave a link where they can leave a review and let the automation software take care of the rest.  

2) Customer surveys 

Customer surveys allow you to gain crucial information from your customer base that would be difficult to obtain otherwise and are an excellent tool for collecting B2B reviews. Services like survey logic can automatically direct satisfied customers to a review site of your choice, making it that much easier for them to submit feedback. 

3) Individual outreach 

Most B2B interactions happen at the individual level. That said, having a sales team primed and ready to go is one of the best ways to engage with your customers. Everyone loves a personal touch, and your sales team could solicit reviews as part of their interaction with customers. 

The vast majority of B2B brands have a regular follow-up process in place. These follow-ups are necessary for several reasons, including: 

  • Ensuring your customers are still happy 
  • Ensuring the product/service is still working 
  • Checking in to see if additional support is needed 

During this checkup process, don’t be afraid to ask for a review. You might be surprised how receptive your customers will be when asked. It allows them to contribute to the brand, which is a major plus if they’re highly satisfied with your product/service. 

Building trust in your brand 

B2B companies thrive on customer reviews. While garnering B2B reviews can be challenging, it certainly isn’t impossible; it just takes the right strategy. A combination of automation tools, surveys, and personal touch can go a long way when building trust in your brand and making it that much easier to ask for reviews. 


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