People Quit Their Boss, Not Their Company

People Quit Their Boss, Not Their Company

When searching for a dream job role, many will look at the vision of a CEO or the company culture to determine if they are the right fit for an organization. Sure, personal growth, opportunities and pay scales will also play a big part in their final decision too. But what happens when things go…

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Employees Can Now Rate Their Boss, Not Just The CEO

Unfortunately, it’s widely accepted that workers do not trust employee engagement surveys for a variety of reasons. Glassdoor aimed to solve the workplace transparency issue by providing employers with a platform to rate their CEO. The results of these reviews have enabled the platform to predictably produce the 100 Best Places to Work in 2019…

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Corporate Feedback

Yelp for Employees? Now Your CEO Can Review You Too

A few years ago, the concept of staying in a stranger’s spare room on the other side of the world felt like a terrifying prospect. But, in a world that had already embraced ratings and reviews for online purchases on eBay and Amazon, Airbnb quickly removed the fear of the unknown by enabling guests to…

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Review Landscape Broken

Why We Need To Rethink Online Reviews, Not Remove Them

We have a limitless supply of content in our pockets. But we seldom find the time to read the full story. A glance at the comments section of any shared news article with accompanying clickbait headline will reveal that many of the outraged users have not even read the offending article. Opinions and judgments were formed…

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Completed Trusted Profiles

Why Trusted Reviews Could Solve The Fake Reviews Problem

Ratings and reviews play a critical role in our daily lives. Whether we are browsing Netflix, Amazon or Spotify, the entertainment that we select is typically determined by the ubiquitous online rating. But, these are just a few tiny elements from our daily lives. However, if we zoom out and examine how we choose a…

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Building The Ultimate Professional Profile of Record With Completed

In January 2019, will be taking their vision of a meritocracy to another level by enabling the best performers to shine. The platform will feature over 20 million profiles with images and data to enable professionals to rate their experiences with people they meet in the world of business. If you have ever wondered…

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Afraid of Negative Reviews

Why You Should Stop Being Afraid Of Negative Reviews

We all make mistakes. But as long as we learn, rather than repeat them, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But when a business or personal brand encounters the dreaded negative review or feedback, it is never a good feeling. We all fiercely protect our online reputation and for a good reason. Freelancers can lose…

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Glassdoor Why Not Review Employees

Why Glassdoor Should Allow CEOs to Review Their Employees Too

Earlier this year, job review site Glassdoor hit the headlines after it was acquired in a $1.2bn deal. The website contains over 40 million anonymous workplace reviews. The platform enables any employee to rate the person in charge of a company and was created to help job seekers to obtain insights of their potential employers…

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Completed - freedom of speech

The Battle To Reform The Communications Decency Act

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is the inventor of the World Wide Web as we know it and the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation. From the beginning, he created a vision that would break down geographical barriers and build capabilities. The internet would ultimately empower people to bring about positive change and empower them to…

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