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The Battle To Reform The Communications Decency Act

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is the inventor of the World Wide Web as we know it and the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation. From the beginning, he created a vision that would break down geographical barriers and build capabilities. The internet would ultimately empower people to bring about positive change and empower them to…

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Why Businesses Need to Know More About Freelancers in the Gig Economy

Corporate offices used to pride themselves on arranging all their employees neatly in cubicles. Employees would sit at the same desk for years or even decades enduring the 9 to 5 grind. But things have changed, and your new work colleague could be located 10,000 miles away on another continent. Technology has removed geographical barriers…

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Are You a 1 Star or 5 Star Employee? – Yelp for People is Coming

The phrase ‘Yelp for People’ is likely to trigger a memory of a particular Black Mirror episode or the ill-fated Peeple app from a few years ago. But, there is an argument that the current digital landscape is becoming equally as creepy with an online corporate version of the Stepford Wives where every LinkedIn profile…

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Introducing the System that Ranks Everyone in Business

Managing your online presence is undoubtedly extremely important, particularly in the contemporary climate. Whether you are running your own business, seeking work as a freelancer or in conventional employment, the way you and your reputation appear online will almost certainly be central to whether or not you are successful. Thus, cultivating an impressive online presence…

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Upwork vs LinkedIn – Building a Freelance Reputation

Managing your online reputation has become critical in just about every industry. Even that assertion could be an understatement – it might be more accurate to state that it is vital in literally every industry. This also applies to the ever-growing ranks of professionals who market their services on the Internet. Freelancing is becoming ever…

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