Managing Your Online Reputation Is About More Than Just Reviews

When you want to give feedback to a corporation, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like most, you search for their listing on Google or Yelp and proceed to share your thoughts. Sometimes it’s in an effort to provide praise while other instances call for the need to vent your frustrations. No matter…

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Leveraging The Motivations Behind Online Reviews

If you’ve ever left a review for a person or business online, you’re not alone. Reports from 2018 note that roughly 68% of customers have left a review for a specific business when asked, and we can only imagine how many more individuals are going online to share a positive experience unprompted or worse –…

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Corporate Feedback

Yelp for Employees? Now Your CEO Can Review You Too

A few years ago, the concept of staying in a stranger’s spare room on the other side of the world felt like a terrifying prospect. But, in a world that had already embraced ratings and reviews for online purchases on eBay and Amazon, Airbnb quickly removed the fear of the unknown by enabling guests to…

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The Art Of Writing A Negative Review (If You Have To)

We’ve all been there – an experience that could be easily remedied goes south quickly and when we feel that we’ve been short-changed our right to customer service, we go online. Sometimes a few brief statements are all that it takes, while others tend to go on a complete tirade with little thought to the…

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The Best Places To Review Businesses And Their Employees

Expressing ourselves is critical to our psyche in many ways, and if we’ve had a good or bad experience somewhere or with someone, we often feel as if it’s our duty to share that information with the world. In most cases, it’s a valuable tool, where the incredible local dentist ends up seeing a boost…

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Unveiling The Flaws In Our Current Rating System

It’s not a stretch to say that today’s modern shopper relies heavily on customer reviews before making any spending decisions. Whether it’s taking the chance on a new restaurant, figuring out which car model is the best, or deciding what hotel to stay at, most people go online before finalizing anything. In fact, recent studies…

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What Happens When A Good Review Doesn’t Matter?

We can only imagine that the concept of word of mouth has been important since the dawn of time. Back when bartering was normal, long before businesses were established, you could get a general sense of who to transact with and who to stay far away from. Perhaps the farmer was giving people rotten food…

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Review Landscape Broken

Why We Need To Rethink Online Reviews, Not Remove Them

We have a limitless supply of content in our pockets. But we seldom find the time to read the full story. A glance at the comments section of any shared news article with accompanying clickbait headline will reveal that many of the outraged users have not even read the offending article. Opinions and judgments were formed…

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Completed Trusted Profiles

Why Trusted Reviews Could Solve The Fake Reviews Problem

Ratings and reviews play a critical role in our daily lives. Whether we are browsing Netflix, Amazon or Spotify, the entertainment that we select is typically determined by the ubiquitous online rating. But, these are just a few tiny elements from our daily lives. However, if we zoom out and examine how we choose a…

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